CNC technology has a lot to offer:

1. Complex and extended forms can be tooled:

• with utmost precision
• with minimal manipulation
• by a single craftsman

2. High performance is achieved by using two alternating worktables

Outer limits: L(3500) x H(1700) x S(120mm)


• Massif wood, MDF, chipboard, laminated wood, …
• Synthetic: HPL, Laminate, Polycarbonate, Corian …


Outillage CNC - Mèche Outillage CNC - Mèche 34 vertical and 4 horizontal drill bits to machine surface and the 4 edges


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Circular saw

Outillage - Scie radiale Outillage - Scie radiale A rotating (0° - 360°) circular saw diam. 200mm, with the possibility to incline 45°


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Menuiserie - Défonçeuse Menuiserie - Défonçeuse 6 interchangeable vertical milling tools and 1 horizontal milling tool with the possibility to incline 45° to plane large surfaces, to profile the edges of panels, to machine edge joints with bungs and dovetails, …

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